About Us

The hard-working spirit that continues 24-7 round the clock
is the key to success for many small and middle enterprises in Taiwan.
This applies to Taiwan’s number one storage product supplier SHUTER Enterprise as well.
This local Taiwanese brand that has business with more than 70 countries
started off some Nearly 50 years ago from a tiny 6.6 square-meter basement

Over 48 years of success

SHUTER Enterprise Co., Ltd., established in 1969, started from a small parking lot, now has been growing up to Taiwan No.1 brand in storage. SHUTER can stand for 48 years because we insist on providing the best products with high quality and take customers' rights as our priority.

Our Customer Focused Viewpoint

To make people store easily, SHUTER always listen to the voice of customers, design products from customers' points of view, find the simplest way to build an ideal home for objects. We make efforts to modify the appearance of traditional cabinets, delicate people's life with beauty and humanity.

We are committed to social responsibility

In 2004, SHUTER begins to take the responsibility as a corporation citizen. We sponsor various charities and promote environmental protection enthusiastically, keep taking care of Taiwan in act. We are proud of " Made in Taiwan, Made in SHUTER! " because we love this beautiful island so much!


SHUTER owns the best management approaches, the most professional research & development abilities and high standard producing procedure. Even more, we have a group of teammates who devote themselves to our goal and dream while always enjoy in delivering their passion and talent. 


We have one common vision, one common dream- Stand out and represent Taiwan to be one of the Top 100 brands in the world.


While celebrating SHUTER' s 48th anniversary, the products with "SHUTER" are everywhere not only in Taiwan but also across the global. We are courteous but proud to express- "SHUTER, we are always there for you!"