livinbox wraps up global 2017 Going Green conference tour


The Shuter Enterprise team toured four countries in 2017...

bringing a plethora of classic and new livinbox and sister-brand SHUTER products to more than 100 potential distributors and suppliers.

  • Indonesia - May 15-19, 2017
  • India – July 04-08, 2017
  • USA - August 21-30, 2017
  • Australia – October 12-20, 2017

Visiting under the theme, "Going Green with SHUTER", General Manager Yira Wu shared not only the Shuter Enterprise vision for home, office, and industrial storage solutions that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing, but also the steps the company is taking toward creating a greener future.

In Indonesia, we partnered with our Jakarta-based major agent PT. SHUTER MITRA INDONESIA to host an exclusive workshop with local companies and distributors. In India, we announced our partnership with a new regional northern agent, S&T Machine Tools Pvt Limited.

In the USA, we held distributor conferences in Los Angeles and New York, both of which attracted a flurry of interest. We wrapped the program up in October with a nine-day visit to Australia, where we held well-attended conferences in four cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide.

In all countries, we were invited to visit the companies we already work closely with. It was fascinating to see first-hand the ways in which they and their customers interact with livinbox and SHUTER products.

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