Shuter Enterprise MD Yira Wu talks at TEDx in Taiwan!


On stage at TEDxDadun on Saturday, June 16, 2018...

Yira Wu, Managing Director of Shuter Enterprise, urged companies in Taiwan to look to their local culture for inspiration and to respect the ideas and values that come from the land their businesses were founded on.

"How much do we really understand Taiwanese culture? There is culture embedded in all of us right now. Don't appropriate cultures from elsewhere as your own: instead look to your place, your land to find what's real," he says.

These ideas tie directly into the construction of the Shuter Babuza Dream Factory, underway now in picturesque Nantou, Taiwan. The groundbreaking complex will house not only the Shuter manufacturing facilities and offices, but also a public museum dedicated to the local culture of Nantou and shops selling items by Taiwanese brands.

TEDxDadun is an independently organized TED Talk event held in Taichung, Taiwan. The organization invites business and society leaders in Taiwan to share their ideas with city residents. Talks are predominently conducted in Chinese.

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