Changing seasons: livinbox storage for those in-between months


Depending on where you live, the weather is either warming up or cooling down…

and these seasonal changes are reflected in what you wear and the linens and blankets you use in your home. livinbox has all the right storage solutions to help you transition from summer to fall or winter to spring. We’ve highlighted three products that always prove popular during these transitional months. Let’s take a closer look!


Cargo Collapsible Trunk
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The Cargo collapsible trunk is the perfect storage solution for transporting groceries, laundry, household items, plants, kid's toys, power tools, pet supplies, and much more. Keep it in the car, the garage, or take it with you on your next picnic or camping trip. With its unique design and attractive yet hard wearing material, livinbox Cargo brings the industrial strength of a shipping container to home living. Add a wooden lid to create a stylish storage box that doubles as a seat.

Ask for: FB-6432 (W-6432 optional wooden lid)
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Flat Pack Box Drawers
Pg 49 & 50 in the 2019 catalog

Designed with cheaper transport and efficient warehousing in mind, these flat-packable livinbox storage boxes are the perfect solution for safely stashing away everything from clothes and shoes to towels and cleaning supplies. Available in a wide range of drawer arrangements, place these attractive dressers side-by-side to create versatile storage units. Each plastic unit is reinforced with steel bars for ultimate strength.

Ask for: any item in the MBKD range
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Collapsible Basket with Handles and Lid
Pg 58 in the 2019 catalog

livinbox’s range of collapsible baskets, with or without lid, are a stylish and practical addition to your next trip to the farmer's market, picnic at the park or crafting get-together. The fully collapsible frame features a specially designed interior locking system ensuring walls and lid stay strong when the box is full or being carried. Made of top quality, virgin PP plastic, these carriers are a breeze to wipe clean when dirty, and they also fold down and neatly stack away when not in use.

Ask for: FB-4531H, FB-4531HL
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