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SHUTER is an organizational office storage containers and bins: 45L collapsible plastic storage container with side open door, 3 tier rolling cart with vent tray, plastic craft organizer with drawers, plastic file cabinet with drawers and stackable storage bin with lid manufacturer from Taiwan since 1969. Maximize your space with the 45L Collapsible Storage Container. Its side-open design and foldable feature make it perfect for efficient storage and easy access. Ideal for home and office use, it's a versatile solution for organizing various items.

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livinbox crafts fashionable and stylish home and office storage products. livinbox is a brand of stationery storage and household storage in Taiwan.


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Desktop Organizer - File Storage, Table Storage, Desk Organizer, File Organizer

Desktop Organizer

These stackable livinbox vertical desk organizers keep essential files and documents secure and tidy....

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Portable Project Case - Versatile Storage Organizer

Portable Project Case

Livinbox portable project cases provide convenient storage solutions. It's versatile and multisized to satisfy...

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Portable Plastic Case - Plastic Box, Portable Box, Hobby Box, Plastic Storage Box

Portable Plastic Case

livinbox plastic portable box is the perfect solution for carrying around stationery, nursing supplies,...

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Collapsible Crate - Folding Basket, Folding Storage, Folding Crate

Collapsible Crate

These folding storage basket are the ultimate space-saving organization solution for transporting groceries,...

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Stackable Storage Bin - Modular Storage Box, Storage Container, Storage Bin

Stackable Storage Bin

livinbox Pelican stackable storage bin sets are a design-first concept for the home storage world. In an effort...

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Parts Bin - Stackable Storage Bin, Parts Organizer, Modular Storage Bin, Nesting Bin

Parts Bin

livinbox hanging storage bins offer you a variety of sizes, styles, and colors to mix-and-match the perfect...

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Tip Out Bin - Tilt Bin, Tilt Out Bin, Tip Out Bin, Tilt Storage Bin

Tip Out Bin

The DIY nature of livinbox tilt out bins makes them essential for use in any space that requires an adaptable,...

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Stool - Plastic stool, Garden stool, Outdoor stool


livinbox plastic stool bears many similarities to a chair. The stool consists of a single seat without...

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Recycle Bin - Recycling Bin, Garbage Can, Trash bin, Garbage bin

Recycle Bin

livinbox recycle bin has sleek rectangular exterior and simple color combinations, you will be proud...

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Rolling Cart - 3 tier rolling cart for kitchen, garden, livingroom

Rolling Cart

livinbox rolling cart makes organizing your space a bit fun and stylish. The 3 tiers rolling cart make...

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Cube Storage - Flat Pack Storage Cube, Modular Cube Storage

Cube Storage

With variety sizes of livinbox INNO Cube offers you a singular portable storage solution or a build-in-place...

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Storage Drawer - Tower Storage, Drawer Box, Drawer organizer

Storage Drawer

livinbox drawer organizer is designed with the bedroom or walk-in wardrobe in mind, but suitable for any room...

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Shoe Storage Box - Storage Container, Shoe Storage, Shoe Box, Shoe Organizer, Storage Chest

Shoe Storage Box

livinbox storage box is created with walk-in wardrobes, closets, children's room, and garages in mind....

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Drawer Organizer - Drawer Divider, Modular Drawer Organizer, Stationery Holder,

Drawer Organizer

livinbox drawer organizer is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, you can stack, nest...

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Toy Storage - Children Storage Desk, Storage Chair, Toy Bin, Toy Organizer

Toy Storage

livinbox LaChatte Sit & Store keep the living room, children's nursery, or even the kitchen neat and clean....

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45L Collapsible Storage: Space-Saving Side-Open Container | SHUTER

Located in Taiwan since 1969, SHUTER Enterprise Co. Ltd specializes in manufacturing fashionable and stylish storage products for home and office use. They offer a wide range of plastic injection and metal products including, 45L collapsible plastic storage container with side open door, 3 tier rolling cart with vent tray, plastic craft organizer with drawers, plastic file cabinet with drawers and stackable storage bin with lid.

Discover unparalleled storage solutions with our range of innovative and stylish products, including folding storage, cubby systems, storage cubes, desk organizers, table storage, file storage solutions, drawer organizers, storage bins, and more. Our collapsible baskets, file cases, craft boxes, plastic boxes, recycle bins, tilt bins, and children's storage options are designed for efficiency and aesthetics. Ideal for wholesale buyers seeking quality and functionality, our products cater to diverse organizational needs. Elevate your space with our versatile, durable storage solutions, perfect for business environments and bulk purchasing requirements.

SHUTER has been providing customers with high quality wide range of plastic injection and metal products, both with advanced technology and 52 years of experience, SHUTER ensures that each customer's requirements are met.