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ISO certified storage product - plastic crates, bins and boxes one-stop production from product development and design, mold making and manufacturing, to testing, quality control and packaging, and auto injection molding machines capable of processing 100 to 1,000 tons of material. livinbox is the largest storage manufacture in Taiwan producing award winning plastic injection and metal products for stationery, home living, office, and industry. livinbox is OEM and ODM capable. Reach out to livinbox with your project right away!

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livinbox is a a manufacturer in Taiwan and an expert in redefining the appearance and functionality of traditional storage systems, striking a balance between attractive exteriors and usable interiors.

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SHUTER Introduction

SHUTER Enterprise Co. Ltd is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Plastic Products Industry. SHUTER has been offering our customers high quality Folding storage, cubby, storage cube, desk organizer, table storage, file storage, drawer organizer, storage bin, Storage Box, collapsible basket, File Case, Craft Box, plastic box, recycle bin, drawer organizer, tilt bin, children storage since 1969. With both advanced technology and 52 years experience, SHUTER always make sure to meet each customer's demand.